Life is impossible without water and we are reminded every day through simple and small chores of the importance of water to our health and economic development.
The way water is harvested, managed and distributed must change to ensure every home have readily available high-quality drinking water at the turn of every tap.
We at Water Forever know and value the importance of quality drinking water at every tap in your home...

PAWHS International Ltd

We are fully aware of the challenges facing small Island states with climate change, sustainable living, energy and water demand.
Through our range of services in Barbados tailored for each individual client, we offer solutions that add value to your lifestyle as well as mitigate the issues confronting each client,
Our services include: water treatment, MEP, alternative energy, home renovations, kitchen and bath renovations...

PAWHS International(TCI) Ltd

From conceptualisation to completion, we are a one stop full service construction, MEP, water treatment and alternative energy company in Turks and Caicos Islands. Through our highly skilled and experience professionals we deliver full construction and MEP services, rainwater harvesting, desalination, water filtration, pool construction, kitchen and bath remodeling, granite/marble countertop fabrication, tiling, solar water heaters...

Tangeni Global Group

Tangeni Global Group

With a tranquil touch we are transforming lifestyles, businesses, communities, homes and villages through alternative energy, water technologies, construction, food technologies and agri-technologies.
We are building synergies across the Caribbean, embracing a balance eco-space that benefits all.

A community transformed is a business kindled, and lifestyles enhanced!

Tangeni Global Group: Caribbean energy, world focus; our tranquil touch transforms.

Since 1993

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